Tuesday, May 16, 2006

welcome to my world

I am not even going to start wondering why i've not been updating this blog. Sure i had plenty of time for it but i never got around to doing so. 1 word lazy. But here is a quick update anyways since i have so much time to spare now. Its MORE like waiting for 1pm so we can head out for lunch. Oh yeah this lazy bum is finally working now, Inter-Global Media (M) Sdn Bhd, as their web developer. The only web developer ;) Finally a job which pays me for doing what i do best.. programming. Its my third week in and i'm already involved with a couple of projects. But unlike my days back in APIIT where every thing that can be done last minute GETS done last minute, here its no longer ther little league. Had to force myself to get organized and for once follow the project time line. Maybe will put up a portfolio later on of some of the websites i've built from scratch in a whole new language which i was never thought back in APIIT... PHP. Heck its only one more additional language for me to learn no biggie. But i have to say this.. its way more power compared to ASP. I said compared to ASP not ASP.NET.

I just took a few pictures on my phone of some of the people i work with. Here they are... in no particular order..

Boon... editor for our community website IA-Community. Wanted to snap a picture of him looking busy but he was paying more attention to what i was doing. lolz. In the background is Michelle our assistant gm to our gm. Oh the picture is a little blur i think. I had to zoom in to take that picture.

Zairol & Wan... two of the many graphic designers working here. Unfortunately Ogee and the other girl is not around so can't snap a pic ;) Working hard huh boys... or is it porn ;)

My very empty office.. i don't normally sit where i took this picture. this is from ogee's table. if you look in the pic in the background to the right where there is a stack of things on the table. that forsaken area with 4tables is my place. its been as of late a place for them to temporarily put their next exhibition forms, printers and stuff. There used to be a table against the wall behind me where all the junk used to sit. Then the sales team moved into the office above and they took tables from out office leaving me with a huge empty space behind me. not to mention the mosquito's... see the brown down to the very back.. that's the kitchen and for some reason its a breeding ground for mosquito's...

well its 5 to 1pm.. almost time to go makan. catch up with this later on...

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