Wednesday, March 01, 2006


wow it seems like eons since i checked back here. yes yes been busy with life and catching up with two months of lost time with angel. been back in brunei for 2mths. yes that's how long i've been away from angel. this blog won't be a long one or of any topic.. just an off random aka i am bored post. but now that i am back a lot of things to catch up on especially with the jobs. need to pick up a few more free lance projects. hehe.. any takers ;) other than that just staying alive. long story. will make the effort in the morning to snap a quick picture of things which i recently been graced with. oh planning to start a MOBLOG soon. still figuring out the best place to store the pics then post them here... would be interesting and a first for me. will see how long before i attempt this project. hahaha.. yeah lazy. oh well..

before i forget a special Good Luck to a fellow blogger and friend, Tabbie. If you're in Singapore (or you're from SG.) this weekend 4th March drop by to the NTUCO Concert @ 7.30pm, Singapore Conference Hall. Tabbie would be performing that night.

its now 10 to 3am.. i guess i should hit the sack... like i said its a short post. honestly lazy to speak my mind at the moment. have a read over at tabbie's, her blog is rather interesting filled with an insight to how she lives her life and her daily rants about stuff. cheers...