Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Zouk Abuse

was just browsing around when a particular blog caught my attention. Zouk.Abuse by ju-lee which documents the recent turn of events that happened on halloween night over at zouk. I was not there when it happened and only just found the blog. I've only read half way down the page and decided to post it up here first before i forget about it. Its sad to hear such things happening and no one lifted a hand to help. Typical! yeah go shoot me or sue me but its the honest truth. Sure there are others who are of good heart and faith but rare to see. Picture yourself on the road and its crawl then you later find out that it was a car accident that everyone is just KEPO want to see and not move along to allow the authorities to get to the scene on time. Then comes the usual comments would come on the police was slow to arrive and the ambulance. We should actually train those tow truck dudes and their coolies first aid. I swear one accident that there would be around 5 of them first on the scene.

I am only a person and there isn't much i can contribute to help you guys out except publish your blog here as well. I hope justice will be served and punishment be brought upon the guilty ones. I totally support what you are trying to do over at your blog and the hell with the people with the unconstructive criticism. malaysians will be malaysians.

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