Saturday, November 12, 2005

Time Out!

Was reading thru Kah Soon's blog last night and came across one of his post for this dude that does street magic. Japanese-American magician, 'Cyril Takayama' does really out of this world magic. You might have seen some of his clips posted on various video forums, chats, Yeah you guys should really check out all these places during your free time. The things people find on the internet are just hillarious and entertaining. Of course at other people's expense. I was lucky to find a couple of his clips on the internet. Working to try to get more so if you have some of his magic trick clips mail me the links over to andrewjee81[at]gmail[dot]com.

When i was googling (googling... sounds obscene) i found this website called Drunken Cat "College Life. College Fun". Its a self run blog similar to Kah Soon's where you can sit back, hang out and read thru his posts and also watch/view/read his collection of weird and interesting items off the internet. Highly recommended if you have a fast connection if you want to watch the clips.

Oh came across this girl called
Lian Ying Zhang who took part in the China Pop Idol. Her voice...Her voice is simply just amazing. I found video clips of her singing over at Drunken Cat and this personal blog of Alec Tang.

China Pop Idol ~ Lian Ying Zhang:
1. Loving you (can't remember the title of the song so correct me if wrong)
2. Don't cry for me argentina

Cyril's Magic:
1. Water Regeneration
2. Shadow Magic
3. Coin and Salt shaker
4. Playing Card thru glass underwater
5. Disappearing Act (into a briefcase)
6. Hungry Anyone? (Hamburger Trick)
7. Street Magic as old man

Since we're on the topic of magic here is a card trick for ya
1. Card Trick

Interesting clips i came across when browsing Drunken Cat:
1. Skills of a Bartender Girl
2. Hip Hop Yoda
3. Hot Korean Girl (no idea what its for)
4. How to pick a laptop lock

Current Project status:
Roman Rock @ 95%
Tesco Smart Trolley @ 80%

Currently Listening to:
李玖哲 - 洗牌 (over and over and over)

More to come later tonite!

Cheers... peace out!

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