Friday, November 11, 2005

thinking games....

angel came across a lot of interesting games posted on her multiply blog area and we were just having a blast playing a couple of the games there. Then she came across this game called Submachine : Extended Version from the original Submachine. Creator of this game Mateusz J. Skutnik and he sure got me and angel blown away. It was not as easy as it looked. If you've played Crimson and Veridian's Room you would appreciate this one as well. Its not as creepy as it looks but definately a challenge for the mind. Just right after i completed it i googled the game and yeah there are walk thrus for this game. Will post those later towards the end of the post. When googling i came across an interesting game over at Mofuya called 'Swan's Room'. Man this room was not easy and i had to search for a walk thru to get me thru. The part where you have to defuse a bomb, it took me 3 tries to get it right. Yeah first time i've seen a bomb in these games.

Another one that Angel found is by Maggie over at the Maggie Market. This talented lady from Hong Kong came out with original and superb games to pass time. Took an hour off to play some of the games and its addictive. Once you get into it and post your own scores you just wonder how on earth other people managed to get a higher one on the simplest of games. Trust me i was working hard trying to get my name on the list. Angel managed to do it on the 'Kill Time In Office' game but she clicked too fast and submitted her name as Undefined. She's currently 3rd i think.

Here's another interesting flash that i came across over at that is constantly updated but this local dude. Head over to Addictive Games and what you find there will blow you away. This is where i found the walk thru for Submachine Ex Version and Swan's Room. When you're done checking out the Addictive Games category head over to the main blog itself and you will laugh and find yourself spending hours just browsing thru this dude's blog. He collects a lot of interesting items from all over the internet and posts them there. One particular post i came across on his blog was 'The House' and the bloody flash video scared the living shit out of me. Just the intro itself before you enter the house it was scary enough to not want to go on. I dare you to watch it in the wee hours of the morning with the lights off and just wearing headsets. Kah Soon's haunted category is a must read.

Interesting ghost stories from
1. Genting True Story: The Old Man
2. Saw Ghost at Genting on Recharge Zouk Fest 2005
3. Another Genting True Ghost Story
A haunted marriage

How true is each occurances is not sure but its really up to you to believe what you read. There are many more stories related to Genting and i've heard a few myself especially one from the apartments half way up to Genting.

The Rooms:
Submachine : Extended Version (Walk Thru)
2. Swan's Room (Walk Thru)
3. Quaint Room (Walk Thru 1
further down the comments 2)
4. Crimson Room (Walk Thru)
5. Veridian's Room (Walk Thru)
6. Dona's Room by
Naoki Nakashima (Walk thru 1 2)

Note: Dona's Room is a tough one to solve. As per date and what i've read on forums and sites only a handful *those that can read japanese* has solved the room.

Maggie Market:
1. Kill time in the office
2. Facial House
3. Dai Pai Dong
4. HK Cafe
5. Mag's Bakery
6. Shoot me baby (a little boring)
7. Sushi

The Scary Shit (Not games):
1. The House
2. Special Defects

Interesting flash:
1. Tour of The Simpson's home (Really interesting!)

That's it for now. As i come across more games or interesting flash stuff i will post them here. Will create a post just for all the interesting flash and Room games that i find on the internet. This post took 5hrs to complete. A couple of hours playing the games while writing then an hour plus to pop out with angel for a quick evening tea over at Bee's Cake House then home for dinner. Determined to complete Swan's room tonite. Hope you've enjoyed this post!

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