Monday, November 14, 2005


took angel to her interview today and man the place is not called HeiTech for no reason. Every where you go in the building u had to scan your id just to get into doors. Amazing. Strange but amazing. So there we were waiting in the reception? lobby? of game flier at 9.45am and one of the staff went in to call another staff who was looking after the interviews. We took a seat and waited for about 10 minutes before a lady came out and took angel to this room to fill in all the necessary paper work and then told her to wait for the person interviewing her. So we waited again for quite some time. It was almost half an hour i think before he came out. I thought to myself... FINALLY! hahaha... As i was sitting there in the lobby waiting i couldn't help but notice that most of the staff at game flier hq was females. Not that there is anything wrong but i counted more females over males at this place. Wow! not a bad place to work i reckon. but again the hours are nuts. According to angel listed on the paper were 3 selections to choose from if they were asked to work for them. as per trial they all would have to start 8-30am to 5-30pm shifts to which after 2mths they will be shifted to the other shift of 4-00pm to 1-00am. I WAS LIKE WHOA!!! what happened to the 1pm to 10pm? it was reserved for those who had transportation problems. hahaha... but it being next to summit... this place is FOREVER JAMMED!

ok time to hit the showers. post back here in a bit.

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