Monday, November 28, 2005

Its good to be back!!!

Wow its been ages since i posted a decent update. Wondering what the screaming was about in the previous post. Hehe... just keep guessing. It was a random post anyways so it has no relations to anything with my life or angel. Well i've been MIA for almost 2 weeks i think. Not that i was ever gone but rather busy with projects. It was like FYP all over again staying up late to help them finish up their documentation and work the necessary changes into the system so it meets their accademic requirements. Really am glad that both of them were impressed with their system. Here are a two screen shots each of the systems i did for them.

Roman Rock: {project status 100%}

On top main page of the website below it a sample when you log into the company intranet.

Tesco Smart Trolley (simulation): {project status 100%}

On top the system loging and below it the help page of the system.

To get a better picture of what the Smart Trolley is, picture yourself at Tesco hypermarket and you're pushing around a trolley with a small monitor mounted onto the push handle. Its meant to asist you while shopping with and not have you running around looking for price checkers or wondering how much you've spent in the trolley already. I've never seen such systems implemented in Malaysia. I could be wrong though, anyone seen it before? I know in Canada they have a RFID scanner on all their products so when you remove an item from the shelf camera's around will snap a picture of you then again when you check out. Its more of a anti theft device but never of such like the smart trolley. Who knows when i have the time i might actually take the time to develop such system and join the APICTA awards then get a grant to do a prototype then see it working in reality. WOW! hehe... At least i plan to.

Both projects fully CSS customized. If you really have a nack for design and colours CSS style sheets are like your best friends.

If only both of them were in our batch and in DWA class with us. Imagine what we can come up with as a team.

Well have not had much of a chance to browse the internet let alone watch tv so there isn't any new interesting stuff at the moment. Slowly adjusting back to the normal sleeping hours which isn't all that much sleep either. Will come back again later to post up things. Still have the last project to work on. Since i'm on a high designing graphics for websites thought i'd try my hand in workin a template for this blog later on.

Kudos to the people who dropped by.


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