Monday, November 14, 2005

ahem ahem

yeah yeah i know i was suppose to post the other night but i was kinda busy. for some reason that night after getting work done i was not in for the rest of the evening and only got back at 11.30pm and was super too tired to do anything. Didn't even touch the projects even. Its now 2.43am and i figured i should drop in before i head off to bed.

news flash!
Angel was shortlisted for an interview over at Game Flier (for some reason it doesn't load in firefox properly). The people who brought Ragnarok Online to Malaysia which now supports English and Bahasa Malaysia. Her interview is in the morning at 10am over at their HQ in UEP Subang Jaya. Wishing her LUCK although i'm going with her. hehe. Really happy for her and i really do hope she lands the job. I love Game Flier's motto for the job: "Play while you work, play while you play". Now who wouldn't want to work at a place like this and get to play the game the whole day! The working hours are stiff though.

Morning Shift: 8.30an to 5.30pm
Afternoon Shift: 1.00pm to 10.00pm

With working hours like that i will never get to spend any time with Angel. Haha! But i really do hope she get's the second call back. She's been looking for a job like this for some time now and she got the call asking her to come for the interview the day after she applied.

Have you guys heard of MMORPGs? I know i haven't until earlier when i helped Angel prepare for her interview and googled it. It stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games. If you're saying, yeah i know what that means... i've been playing CS and Unreal Tournament long enough to know it. WRONG! Even CS and Unreal doesn't even come close to MMORPGs due to the limitation of players per server. Imagine playing a game where there are literally thousands of people connected and playing at the same time. Imagine playing CS with this many people. Each round would never end! Even Ammo purchased wouldn't be enough to kill everyone. Would be cool for Unreal but i would be bored silly. Never the less cool.

Oh was browsing friendster last week over at a friends profile. Then i saw this dude's name which was so familiar that i thought i'd check it out. Funny thing was the dude that i didn't quite recognise the user pic so kinda just left it and never investigated further. A day later i get a message from him and guess what it was the right person after all. Quote "Andrew Jee! I remember you... saw u peeking at my profile". My response to the message was... "Damn i forgot to turn off the anonymous setting." hahaha... this guy was a senior of mine back in St. Andrew's but we were never really close nor do i remember who introduced us but he was always there with the gang (us councilors). But yeah thru him i managed to find the ex SAS seniors that i know. Even my cousin Sern Hung was on friendster. Honestly i forgot even existed! Shhh don't tell him that. Ahh the sweet memories of SAS came rushing back in.

Can't remember if i mentioned that lycos mail has been a bitch for me to load and get into the past couple of weeks. Its working fine now but sooner or later its going to act up again. Contact them and they were not aware of such problem and their solution was to clear my browser cache and try again. I knew they were going to say that yet i wrote in asking them. So yeah when i finally got in Monday morning, i received a forward mail from a friend of mine and the mail was the usual about friendship then one of the pictures caught my attention.

I suppose the chinese characters means exactly what the english words. I can't read chinese but understand it. Banana would be the correct term. Yellow skin on the outside like a chinese but white on the inside like an ang mo (european). What caught my attention was the butterfly and its contrast of colours to the black background. Going to edit the pic later and remove the words and number from it.

Speaking of forwards here's some thing interesting...

Count every " F" in the following text:


Highlight between the arrows
-> You've probably counted 3 rite? WRONG!! Read again there is actually 6. Reason being that our brain does not process OF. Don't ask me why. Yeah don't go kid urself and say you did count 6. I asked a few people in the house and they all counted 3. Some might count 4 but that is very rare. <-

If you were to read it for the third time or again later it won't work anymore as your brain has already registered that there is 6 F's as the answer. Well its been an hour since i start this post. I reckon its time to head off to bed. Sorry don't have any interesting links and stuff tonite... umm morning. Was out the whole day. Woke up -> breakfast -> Summit -> Dinner -> Movie (9pm) came home 11.45pm. Like i said i didn't touch a single code today. have to make up for it in the morning.

Ps. Dragon Squad is worth the watch. Although some scenes were a bit silly but its a awesome movie. Waiting to book tickets for Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. I've read all the books including the latest one. Last two were E-books that i freeloaded from the internet. Going to get the original Paper Backs soon. Planning to order them from Amazon.

Dragon Squad
1. Official Website
2. Sypnosis 1 2
3. Trailer
4. Review by Sina English

Current Project Status:
Roman Rock 95%
Tesco Smart Trolley 80%
Online car parts system 80%

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