Monday, September 12, 2005


wow i really owe my dad a whole lot. he stayed up till now to just help me draw the circuit properly so i can connect it without shorting anything else on my breadboard. my only prayer now is that it works. the funny thing was that he wanted to draw it on the pic of the board i took which one fine but that took almost an hour then i finally asked him what he was doin and he said drawing the whole circuit. 5 mins later he tells me he will do on paper instead, snap a pic of it then send to me, 5mins after that he tells me its done and sends me the file but it aint a paper drawing. he actually drew it on the board. asked him how come and his reply was "drawing on paper is hard without the bread board layout" hahaha... thanks dad!! so now the picture looks like this. lol! want to see mine originally? when i asked him for help this was the picture i drew below which doesn't look anything like my dad's. haha. dun play play 5 year old drawing you know. haha. i bet you even a 5yr old could draw it better. anyways so here i am updating this while my dad leaves his msn on over there in china while i continue to type and think to myself "you idiot! you have the drawing what are you doin still posting!". its amazing what my brain tells me and what i don't do. let me get the breadboard circuit done up and continue on again. Ok here is the end product of the schematic following my dad's. does it look so much nicer than mine? but i am still worried about this project. its now officially 3.45am and nothing works as yet except for my brain who isn't processing at the momment. time to call it a night first the wake up early to do this. good night all.. pray for me...

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