Wednesday, September 21, 2005

this point of time

well exam is in the later part of the day and here i am posting on the blog. can't really do much now. a little worried about this particular exam considering that the lecturer for this subject has been slack through out the semester and reluctant to give proper tips. when i do actually start studying for this subject i question a lot of things like how its going to be on the exam. the problem is i've never studied for one of the exams by this lecturer. that being he was that predictable then and now he's being a bitch only because there has been a lot of complaints from students about his teaching methods or should i say HIM.

was just looking through the pictures on angels comp and found a pic that she took of me during our overnight last minute project completion before submission stage. i literally set up my pc on the floor with the monitor sitting on top of my toolbox that i carried around when i was building my robot. here's the picture:

i didn't even know my picture was being taken. had another picture where i was frustrated with this bit of code and was thinking with the keyboard to my head. can't seem to find it now but when i do its coming up here. it looked funny, to me at least only because i've never seen the pictures and wondered what the heck i was doin then.

oh my parents came to visit over the weekend last week. short trip as they were on their way back from Shanghai, china where my dad was on business trip. check out the earlier posts where i was talking to my dad asking him about my robot stuff. anyways it was monday (19th) morning around 2plus that i realised how much i really missed having my parents around. especially my mum whom i've not seen since chinese new year then with my grandma's death back in april... i knew how much it affected my mum but she has chosen to move on with life which is a good thing. that night when they arrived from the airport i FLEW down 10 flights of stairs and jumped the last few steps to give my mum a hug. but monday morning when i wrote in my journal i was in tears. its been a long time since anyone has stayed with me at the apartment and they were only here for a short while. spent the whole day of sunday shopping with them in the city and the whole time i had flash backs of when i was back in brunei shopping with them. the times which i took for grantted, the times which i now regret not cherishing. i only wished angel was there with us then. oh she finally met my parents formally monday morning when we went out for breakfast. surprisingly angel was a little more calm then i was when i first met her parents. but i miss them and held back tears when i waved them goodbye as the taxi was leaving. only to only crack back at the apartment when angel asked me if i was ok and why i was staring into space in my room *she had read my journal by then* then i couldn't hold back and avoided eye contact with her. when she forced me i couldn't take it and cried. *yeah grown men do cry...*

bear in mind that i had an exam that same monday afternoon at 2.30pm which i never really studied. even angel tried to share her answers with me during the exam but thanks to her small writing i couldn't make out a single word on her answer script. oh that reminds me.. the bitch who was new to apiit... made havoc for us in the exam hall with her 1hr, "you have 40mins left, if you want to leave.. blah blah blah...", "you have 10mins", "please ensure that you write down all details on the answer sheet as we will not wait for u when collecting your scripts". to think that she actually read out the exam hall rules before reading time, who are we? first time sitting for exams? best yet was after she asked us to switch off our phones and not put it on silent mode, this is to ensure that we do not bother our fellow classmates. then 30mins into the exam she starts walking around then stopping suddenly to do spot checks to see if we were cheating. it wasn't the phones bothering us.. it was HER! i swear if she is there for our exam later on i will scream.

oh here is a nice picture of angel and i at Mines taken by someone who thought she did a great job taking the picture. cheers! good night... it took me 1hr to write this. was busy checking out MELabs Forum and a couple of other blogs i came across.

nice pic aint it if you can see us....

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