Friday, September 30, 2005

road trip!

angel's parents invited me to go on a road trip down to JB tuesday evening... it was a last minute thing as uncle was going down on a business trip and auntie wanted to go as well, so angel and i being the only ones at home who were FREE of every thing went as well. IT WAS FUN!! unfortunately we didn't have the camera *its now in china wif angel's elder sis* so there was no pics taken but it was FUN. well sorry if you don't share my interest but that was my first time driving down to JB and i had fun even though we were in the car for 3 1/2 hours. my ass litterally fell asleep. not used to sitting in a car for that long and as a passenger too! hehe. angel and i slept most of the way up and entertained ourselves on the way back. must plan another road trip down again and this time for a longer time so can explore the place. more on the road trip later on... tired and lazy to type.

oh our friend over at Princess Jasmine Corner is back from their trip to melb. no fair i wan go also JAS!!! no fair!! haha.. i miss those places you went. got take the pictures of federation square for me??

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Jasmine * said...

Got!! Took a few pictures of federation square. But it seems like I cannot upload it to my blog... UrgH!!! :P Wait till nov, then I'll send them to you! No MSN for me, now. LOL!