Sunday, September 25, 2005

QUOTE: "This behavior is by design"

now my pc crashed not too long ago about a week ago just before the first exam on monday 19th and everytime i booted up it gave me an error:


now i thought i had lost every thing on my drive but that wasn't the case. it had some thing to do with my boot.ini file being messed up *i just wonder how* and when i went online to check up on this error on the microsoft help website it gave a whole lot of things to do that might repair or fix the problem. what i loved best on that particular page under status section: "This behaviour is by design". thats what it says on the help website. click the link if you dun believe me. THIS BEHAVIOR IS BY DESIGN!! what does that mean? did they intentionally keep a small little bug on the os and when the time is critical mess up the boot file then show you the blue screen with that error when u boot or upgrade. as much as i like using windows this is the weirdest thing to do for an os.

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