Friday, September 23, 2005

only because....

was studying for my last exam paper earlier on for business process re-engineering (BPR), i came across the introduction to the stupid subject and quote "70% of the time BPR fails". now that really got me going and the first question to mind was "THEN WHY THE HECK ARE WE STUDYING IT?" Got everything read but nothing in my head as usual then later today at 2.30pm i would be crapping my heart out for the exam. Speaking of exams... man yesterdays DSAP paper was freaking crazy!! how anyone can pass that subject i have no idea. GOOD LUCK TO ALL FROM GF04B1COM/CIT/CMT.

a couple of days back angel's dad said that he saw a rat run into the living room. at first i thought maybe he had mistaken it for something else but true enough just yesterday morning 1.30am *mind you dsap exam was at 9.30am that same morning* angel's sister said that she saw the rat just outside the room near the toilet. not that they were freaked out.. they were rather... wats the word... Fascinated! but eventually they did shut all the room doors tight. then around 1.45... 2am the sibling went to use the toilet and guess wat she saw swimming in the toilet bowl? the mouse... or rather mice. it was a little mice swimming in the toilet bowl. my question was where was it before it fell in the bowl? did it like do a high dive off from the window into the bowl? so there it was and the whole time i couldn't help wondering if it was going to survive and what the heck do we do now. yea i took pity on the poor thing, it must have been like a few weeks old as it was just so little and struggling to get out of the water. the question was "how do we get it out?" first answer was to flush the bowl and it gets out when it reaches the septic tank. then a whole set of things came out.. a tin can to scoop it out... a platic container... then i thought of using a plastic bag, let it climb in then bring it outside. amazingly when i lowered the plastic the mice instinctively *as if it knew it was being rescued* grabbed on and climbed into the plastic. now it being so small didn't even bother to struggle while in the bag. took it outside, walked a couple of blocks up the road and let it out. at first i thought it was dead in the bag but just as i lowered the bag onto the floor it crept out and took its own sweet time to run to a nearby bush. here's a picture that i took of the little guy in the bowl...

5566 (19/09/05)

For those of you who knows 5566 (link 1 and 2)or has ever heard of them.. guess what... i took angel to their autograph session and album launch on the 19th at Klang Parade. Unfortunately they were a man short as he was busy with another project. if not mistaken he's is involved in another drama or movie. can't remember which. pictures came out a little dark as the lighting was just really bad that night. they had this yellow spot light on the stage and every picture we took came out dark because of it. there were a few good ones on another setting on the camera *i love sony cybershot camera's!* but its a little blur with them moving around so much. By the way their new album is fantastic. try get their new singlefrom the album and the MV.

removed the video. got too annoying after a while.

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i updated my playlist for the music video.. so if you are patient enough you would hear Angel by Amanda Perez.