Monday, September 12, 2005

going to be a long long night

this is probably the strangest thing that i've done so far. my parents are now in china where my dad is on a business trip while my mum is on a much needed holiday after my grandma's death. then here i am in malaysia talking to my dad (as i write this) on msn while he goes over my robot wiring schematics. the fact that i nearly burnt one of the crystals for the microchip which i recently found out costs a bloody RM3 a piece. i got a shock when i first heard it. actually one of them said it was RM1.50 then the other guy say "your head ah! its RM3!" so here i am talking to my dad, sending back and forth pictures of schematics and pictures of the breadboards that i connected the components to and even drew on photoshop my representation of the schematic was in my head on the breadboard. hillarious i tell you. wait here is a picture of the one i showed to my dad how the breadboard was linked internally. hehehe like i said this is the weirdest thing i've done by far. even angel said kelian my dad.. on business trip yet still have to help me do this. lol thanks dad!

wat a time for the robot to not work suddenly. if you are all wondering i am working on a robot project for my final year project. still can't figure out why sanath approved it when he said it was a risk and won't get me a pass. yet he approved my project to only tell me that i would fail as a result of selecting this topic. this was during the mid point and that was the first thing he told me when i sat down. I was like thinking in hyper drive "IF THAT IS THE CASE THEN WHY ON EARTH DID YOU APPROVE MY PSF!!" Even my new supervisor didn't understand why sanath approved it. david tan, my new supervisor, is another story at hand. last minute admin changes our supervisor because mdm rohaniah is taking maternity leave which is fine but why wait till 2weeks before submission to change supervisors. so how do the new ones help us during the presentation? of which probably won't be much of a help anyways since sanath will shoot like crazy. even kaval didn't have a chance to finish his slides without being interupted by him. which worries me as i know he will ask me once again the computing aspects of the project. until today i still do not know what the *&^&*# that means. even he can't explain it to me which makes me wonder if i had actually done a website then i automatically meet the COMPUTING ASPECTS of the project. like how? just because i am doin a website?

anyways... dad is just finishing up my diagrams for me then he's off to bed. he has a meeting at 8.30am tomolo which i told him i would be up at 7 to bother him with last minute things. hehehe. i love ya dad!

well i have to get back to working again. stil have to prepare slides which i haven't and read through again my documentation which i haven't as well. maybe will come back on to post again. nites :) oh thanks angel! i love you!!


elmo said...

ps... i think our blog counter is screwed up!

angel said...

*yawning* ... *yawning* ... *yawning*
u will be fine 2moro !!! if not we go shoot who ever u want to shoot k ... hehe ... in a paper dart ofcoz ... not real one ... hehehe

elmo said...

i want to shoot! or throw... very tired...