Friday, September 30, 2005

road trip!

angel's parents invited me to go on a road trip down to JB tuesday evening... it was a last minute thing as uncle was going down on a business trip and auntie wanted to go as well, so angel and i being the only ones at home who were FREE of every thing went as well. IT WAS FUN!! unfortunately we didn't have the camera *its now in china wif angel's elder sis* so there was no pics taken but it was FUN. well sorry if you don't share my interest but that was my first time driving down to JB and i had fun even though we were in the car for 3 1/2 hours. my ass litterally fell asleep. not used to sitting in a car for that long and as a passenger too! hehe. angel and i slept most of the way up and entertained ourselves on the way back. must plan another road trip down again and this time for a longer time so can explore the place. more on the road trip later on... tired and lazy to type.

oh our friend over at Princess Jasmine Corner is back from their trip to melb. no fair i wan go also JAS!!! no fair!! haha.. i miss those places you went. got take the pictures of federation square for me??

Sunday, September 25, 2005

QUOTE: "This behavior is by design"

now my pc crashed not too long ago about a week ago just before the first exam on monday 19th and everytime i booted up it gave me an error:


now i thought i had lost every thing on my drive but that wasn't the case. it had some thing to do with my boot.ini file being messed up *i just wonder how* and when i went online to check up on this error on the microsoft help website it gave a whole lot of things to do that might repair or fix the problem. what i loved best on that particular page under status section: "This behaviour is by design". thats what it says on the help website. click the link if you dun believe me. THIS BEHAVIOR IS BY DESIGN!! what does that mean? did they intentionally keep a small little bug on the os and when the time is critical mess up the boot file then show you the blue screen with that error when u boot or upgrade. as much as i like using windows this is the weirdest thing to do for an os.

Friday, September 23, 2005

only because....

was studying for my last exam paper earlier on for business process re-engineering (BPR), i came across the introduction to the stupid subject and quote "70% of the time BPR fails". now that really got me going and the first question to mind was "THEN WHY THE HECK ARE WE STUDYING IT?" Got everything read but nothing in my head as usual then later today at 2.30pm i would be crapping my heart out for the exam. Speaking of exams... man yesterdays DSAP paper was freaking crazy!! how anyone can pass that subject i have no idea. GOOD LUCK TO ALL FROM GF04B1COM/CIT/CMT.

a couple of days back angel's dad said that he saw a rat run into the living room. at first i thought maybe he had mistaken it for something else but true enough just yesterday morning 1.30am *mind you dsap exam was at 9.30am that same morning* angel's sister said that she saw the rat just outside the room near the toilet. not that they were freaked out.. they were rather... wats the word... Fascinated! but eventually they did shut all the room doors tight. then around 1.45... 2am the sibling went to use the toilet and guess wat she saw swimming in the toilet bowl? the mouse... or rather mice. it was a little mice swimming in the toilet bowl. my question was where was it before it fell in the bowl? did it like do a high dive off from the window into the bowl? so there it was and the whole time i couldn't help wondering if it was going to survive and what the heck do we do now. yea i took pity on the poor thing, it must have been like a few weeks old as it was just so little and struggling to get out of the water. the question was "how do we get it out?" first answer was to flush the bowl and it gets out when it reaches the septic tank. then a whole set of things came out.. a tin can to scoop it out... a platic container... then i thought of using a plastic bag, let it climb in then bring it outside. amazingly when i lowered the plastic the mice instinctively *as if it knew it was being rescued* grabbed on and climbed into the plastic. now it being so small didn't even bother to struggle while in the bag. took it outside, walked a couple of blocks up the road and let it out. at first i thought it was dead in the bag but just as i lowered the bag onto the floor it crept out and took its own sweet time to run to a nearby bush. here's a picture that i took of the little guy in the bowl...

5566 (19/09/05)

For those of you who knows 5566 (link 1 and 2)or has ever heard of them.. guess what... i took angel to their autograph session and album launch on the 19th at Klang Parade. Unfortunately they were a man short as he was busy with another project. if not mistaken he's is involved in another drama or movie. can't remember which. pictures came out a little dark as the lighting was just really bad that night. they had this yellow spot light on the stage and every picture we took came out dark because of it. there were a few good ones on another setting on the camera *i love sony cybershot camera's!* but its a little blur with them moving around so much. By the way their new album is fantastic. try get their new singlefrom the album and the MV.

removed the video. got too annoying after a while.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

this point of time

well exam is in the later part of the day and here i am posting on the blog. can't really do much now. a little worried about this particular exam considering that the lecturer for this subject has been slack through out the semester and reluctant to give proper tips. when i do actually start studying for this subject i question a lot of things like how its going to be on the exam. the problem is i've never studied for one of the exams by this lecturer. that being he was that predictable then and now he's being a bitch only because there has been a lot of complaints from students about his teaching methods or should i say HIM.

was just looking through the pictures on angels comp and found a pic that she took of me during our overnight last minute project completion before submission stage. i literally set up my pc on the floor with the monitor sitting on top of my toolbox that i carried around when i was building my robot. here's the picture:

i didn't even know my picture was being taken. had another picture where i was frustrated with this bit of code and was thinking with the keyboard to my head. can't seem to find it now but when i do its coming up here. it looked funny, to me at least only because i've never seen the pictures and wondered what the heck i was doin then.

oh my parents came to visit over the weekend last week. short trip as they were on their way back from Shanghai, china where my dad was on business trip. check out the earlier posts where i was talking to my dad asking him about my robot stuff. anyways it was monday (19th) morning around 2plus that i realised how much i really missed having my parents around. especially my mum whom i've not seen since chinese new year then with my grandma's death back in april... i knew how much it affected my mum but she has chosen to move on with life which is a good thing. that night when they arrived from the airport i FLEW down 10 flights of stairs and jumped the last few steps to give my mum a hug. but monday morning when i wrote in my journal i was in tears. its been a long time since anyone has stayed with me at the apartment and they were only here for a short while. spent the whole day of sunday shopping with them in the city and the whole time i had flash backs of when i was back in brunei shopping with them. the times which i took for grantted, the times which i now regret not cherishing. i only wished angel was there with us then. oh she finally met my parents formally monday morning when we went out for breakfast. surprisingly angel was a little more calm then i was when i first met her parents. but i miss them and held back tears when i waved them goodbye as the taxi was leaving. only to only crack back at the apartment when angel asked me if i was ok and why i was staring into space in my room *she had read my journal by then* then i couldn't hold back and avoided eye contact with her. when she forced me i couldn't take it and cried. *yeah grown men do cry...*

bear in mind that i had an exam that same monday afternoon at 2.30pm which i never really studied. even angel tried to share her answers with me during the exam but thanks to her small writing i couldn't make out a single word on her answer script. oh that reminds me.. the bitch who was new to apiit... made havoc for us in the exam hall with her 1hr, "you have 40mins left, if you want to leave.. blah blah blah...", "you have 10mins", "please ensure that you write down all details on the answer sheet as we will not wait for u when collecting your scripts". to think that she actually read out the exam hall rules before reading time, who are we? first time sitting for exams? best yet was after she asked us to switch off our phones and not put it on silent mode, this is to ensure that we do not bother our fellow classmates. then 30mins into the exam she starts walking around then stopping suddenly to do spot checks to see if we were cheating. it wasn't the phones bothering us.. it was HER! i swear if she is there for our exam later on i will scream.

oh here is a nice picture of angel and i at Mines taken by someone who thought she did a great job taking the picture. cheers! good night... it took me 1hr to write this. was busy checking out MELabs Forum and a couple of other blogs i came across.

nice pic aint it if you can see us....

Monday, September 12, 2005


wow i really owe my dad a whole lot. he stayed up till now to just help me draw the circuit properly so i can connect it without shorting anything else on my breadboard. my only prayer now is that it works. the funny thing was that he wanted to draw it on the pic of the board i took which one fine but that took almost an hour then i finally asked him what he was doin and he said drawing the whole circuit. 5 mins later he tells me he will do on paper instead, snap a pic of it then send to me, 5mins after that he tells me its done and sends me the file but it aint a paper drawing. he actually drew it on the board. asked him how come and his reply was "drawing on paper is hard without the bread board layout" hahaha... thanks dad!! so now the picture looks like this. lol! want to see mine originally? when i asked him for help this was the picture i drew below which doesn't look anything like my dad's. haha. dun play play 5 year old drawing you know. haha. i bet you even a 5yr old could draw it better. anyways so here i am updating this while my dad leaves his msn on over there in china while i continue to type and think to myself "you idiot! you have the drawing what are you doin still posting!". its amazing what my brain tells me and what i don't do. let me get the breadboard circuit done up and continue on again. Ok here is the end product of the schematic following my dad's. does it look so much nicer than mine? but i am still worried about this project. its now officially 3.45am and nothing works as yet except for my brain who isn't processing at the momment. time to call it a night first the wake up early to do this. good night all.. pray for me...

going to be a long long night

this is probably the strangest thing that i've done so far. my parents are now in china where my dad is on a business trip while my mum is on a much needed holiday after my grandma's death. then here i am in malaysia talking to my dad (as i write this) on msn while he goes over my robot wiring schematics. the fact that i nearly burnt one of the crystals for the microchip which i recently found out costs a bloody RM3 a piece. i got a shock when i first heard it. actually one of them said it was RM1.50 then the other guy say "your head ah! its RM3!" so here i am talking to my dad, sending back and forth pictures of schematics and pictures of the breadboards that i connected the components to and even drew on photoshop my representation of the schematic was in my head on the breadboard. hillarious i tell you. wait here is a picture of the one i showed to my dad how the breadboard was linked internally. hehehe like i said this is the weirdest thing i've done by far. even angel said kelian my dad.. on business trip yet still have to help me do this. lol thanks dad!

wat a time for the robot to not work suddenly. if you are all wondering i am working on a robot project for my final year project. still can't figure out why sanath approved it when he said it was a risk and won't get me a pass. yet he approved my project to only tell me that i would fail as a result of selecting this topic. this was during the mid point and that was the first thing he told me when i sat down. I was like thinking in hyper drive "IF THAT IS THE CASE THEN WHY ON EARTH DID YOU APPROVE MY PSF!!" Even my new supervisor didn't understand why sanath approved it. david tan, my new supervisor, is another story at hand. last minute admin changes our supervisor because mdm rohaniah is taking maternity leave which is fine but why wait till 2weeks before submission to change supervisors. so how do the new ones help us during the presentation? of which probably won't be much of a help anyways since sanath will shoot like crazy. even kaval didn't have a chance to finish his slides without being interupted by him. which worries me as i know he will ask me once again the computing aspects of the project. until today i still do not know what the *&^&*# that means. even he can't explain it to me which makes me wonder if i had actually done a website then i automatically meet the COMPUTING ASPECTS of the project. like how? just because i am doin a website?

anyways... dad is just finishing up my diagrams for me then he's off to bed. he has a meeting at 8.30am tomolo which i told him i would be up at 7 to bother him with last minute things. hehehe. i love ya dad!

well i have to get back to working again. stil have to prepare slides which i haven't and read through again my documentation which i haven't as well. maybe will come back on to post again. nites :) oh thanks angel! i love you!!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

if only we could...

the past month especially the last couple of weeks has been a crazy one... MY GOODNESS ITS WORSE THAN CRAZY!!!! some times i just wonder why i ended up in APIIT... but if not for it i wouldn't have met angel.... hehehe.... but as of late.. we've been pilled with projects... first the final year project.. then bpr... then pmmt... then dwa... then dsap... in that few days of that week was NUTS! one after another... now that all the projects are over... we are in the suspense of having to wait for our presentation schedules... its like waiting to strike the lottery i tell you and true enough mine comes... this coming monday at 4pm... if only u can see wat i look like right now... its not like in the picture you see now...

but i am worried... there is so much i have not prepared and i am afraid that i might mess it up... which i know i would eventually knowing that stupid sanath will screw me 100% in the presentations... i have no idea what the hell is his problem especially since he was the one who approved the project... i just can't wait to get this over wif... work on angel's system then prepare for the exams... EXAMS! i just wonder how to study for it also... starts 19 then 21 straight to 23... one after another... i have no idea why they are rushing our intake.

my sweet angel is sleeping every so peacefully now.. hugging the pink hippo i bought her for valentines day. why am i up? can't really sleep... i have so much that i want to get off my chest but it's not working.. i just can't get myself to just write it all out... like how i used to back then in all those notebooks. i do miss writing a lot. it used to help me get over things and ask questions to myself why certain things happen the way they do.

listening to Class 95 FM online from singapore... man a lot of classic songs which i've not heard for a long time now. tze ting.. if you ever read this blog HI :) not even sure if you still do or not. how have u been? its crazy over here for me... oh sorry for all the late nite sms'es to ya... it was really urgent and it still is. can't wait to grad and get out of studying soon. i feel like a dog on a leash. haha.. sorry i couldn't resist... that's ricky.. angel's dog... this dog is seriously restless and loves to play.. unfortunately i am afraid of him and i think he can sense it some times... but he shook my hand a couple days ago... haha that was scary. i miss singapore. should go back there soon with angel at the end of the year before heading back to brunei. then can meet ya ting ting! hehehe....

I HATE APIIT! if only i took the time to update the other blog i made to #$#%# about apiit... oh angel just flinched... i miss my quality times... i miss myself... i miss being care free... i miss being young... i miss angel... i miss my sleep...

some one once said.. it will be all worth it... yeah rite... if i ever find who this some one is i will beat the living crap out of them. i know this post isn't constructive but really my mind is a blank. before i started to write this one i had so much i want to blurt and write.. then nothing.. nothing at all came out from my mind to fingers... maybe tomolo one more post before i head home...

good nite