Tuesday, August 09, 2005

state of mind

these few weeks especially in the last couple of nights where sleep is non existent and if it did its only a nights wink. nite after nite i would be staring at the screen doing codes which should be doin what i want it to do but it isn't behaving itself. wat language is that... DOT NET. it ain't too bad when you get the hang of it... i rather quite like it now but its still not as easy to work wif on asp.

i need a prayer.... a prayer of faith and strength... have i reli lost the faith?

it seems like we never update this blog anymore... its a excuse when we say we're too busy with work to even take 5mins of our time to just update here... but indeed FYP has taken its toll on everyone. with the new hope of a 1wk extension one would expect it to make us jump for joy... instead i'm already dreading this. working till late at night cos i'm reli worried about my little angel so helping her all i can and teaching her a language that is totally new to me as well. but i will push one... GOD GIVE ME STRENGTH.

To Do List:
1. Finish Coding
2. Finish building my robot
3. Finish documentation
4. Finish writing this blog
5. Shoot project manager
6. Find God again
7. Find myself again
8. Plan Multicultural Night
9. Shoot myself
10. Shoot myself

in a couple of days time this is exactly what i would look like elmo monster.. my childhood monster from sesame street... i took a picture of myself last night and the eye bags under my eyes... i'm ready to go for a holiday with those packed ones. hahaha....

i am tired...

i am weak...

i am insane...

was reading a couple of blogs on friendster.... blogs of close friends... i was suprised to see my name mentioned on a particular one by shan. it was a blog of faith and strength... for friends. strength... tat is something that i reli need now...

well.... good nite world and to who ever reads this... would love to blog a bit more but my eyes are failing me and the left side of my brain is on protest.... headache...


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