Tuesday, August 09, 2005


今天的我, 心情不大好 。。。

还记得吗, 以前上小学时,我们都必定会写作文,其中有一题叫做 ’倒霉的一天’。告诉你哦,我今天,就是要写这一篇。。。

今 天七早八早 , 去到学校, 没有 presentation 还不要紧。到了午餐时间,我的小可爱轮胎,竟然胞胎了。。。真是 “黑仔” 哪 。 没关系,轮胎弄好了之后,我就回家啦,顺便去轮胎店维修一下。哦,果然,轮胎有个小洞洞哎(你懂吗。。在这两个月里,我去了那车厂好十几次了),之后,也 顺便弄下 alignment,不用说, 又破费了。上次修理车已花了贰佰马币,可怜的我呀,没钱了哎!!!

Fine… 回到家,吃完了饭,过几小时之后,三姐回来了;问我待会儿去不去阿姨的 farewell,我说 OK 咯。怎知,当二姐回来时,她却和三姐说不让我去,要我做功课。然后,她们俩就这样走了。。也不通知声。还要我自己去问三姐,她还很勉强的说可以。直到我问 她:“你们是不是不想我去?” 她才说是二姐不想我去。

我很生气,也很伤心,感觉好像他们在排斥我似的。我觉得他们好像在利用我;没伴时 就找我,有伴时就把我踢开。我真的很讨厌那样的人。。。我不懂为何我在这 写日记。照理说,我是不应该在这透露我家人的不好,可是我就是忍不住。我甚至想告诉全部人,我很讨厌这两个人。。。虚伪。。虚伪。。。这根本就是虚伪 嘛。。。





state of mind

these few weeks especially in the last couple of nights where sleep is non existent and if it did its only a nights wink. nite after nite i would be staring at the screen doing codes which should be doin what i want it to do but it isn't behaving itself. wat language is that... DOT NET. it ain't too bad when you get the hang of it... i rather quite like it now but its still not as easy to work wif on asp.

i need a prayer.... a prayer of faith and strength... have i reli lost the faith?

it seems like we never update this blog anymore... its a excuse when we say we're too busy with work to even take 5mins of our time to just update here... but indeed FYP has taken its toll on everyone. with the new hope of a 1wk extension one would expect it to make us jump for joy... instead i'm already dreading this. working till late at night cos i'm reli worried about my little angel so helping her all i can and teaching her a language that is totally new to me as well. but i will push one... GOD GIVE ME STRENGTH.

To Do List:
1. Finish Coding
2. Finish building my robot
3. Finish documentation
4. Finish writing this blog
5. Shoot project manager
6. Find God again
7. Find myself again
8. Plan Multicultural Night
9. Shoot myself
10. Shoot myself

in a couple of days time this is exactly what i would look like elmo monster.. my childhood monster from sesame street... i took a picture of myself last night and the eye bags under my eyes... i'm ready to go for a holiday with those packed ones. hahaha....

i am tired...

i am weak...

i am insane...

was reading a couple of blogs on friendster.... blogs of close friends... i was suprised to see my name mentioned on a particular one by shan. it was a blog of faith and strength... for friends. strength... tat is something that i reli need now...

well.... good nite world and to who ever reads this... would love to blog a bit more but my eyes are failing me and the left side of my brain is on protest.... headache...