Friday, July 22, 2005


Wow ... it's been quite a while since i last blog here ... Somehow i already forgot i have a blog here ... haha ... Was doing a bit work earlier on ... boring ... n suddenly thought of blogging in ...

Actually i have nothing to type now ... my mind is empty ... I'm thinking ... What kind of person i am actually? Or how other people think about me? Erm ... I think i'm a person, that will not be myself all the times. I don't mean that I'm pretending but I do have a principle of "attitude of being a friend to friends that i should have" all these while, which is I will treat my friend differently in attitude, style and so on according to their style. I don't really know what i mean by this, but i think everyone has his/her own style in their life. Some of them are serious, some of them are crazee (siao siao), some of them are "small gas", some of them are kind, helpful, playful, sporting and the list goes on.

When I mix with those who are serious, i have to control myself from being playful and sarcastic. When i mix with those who are totally insane, i can blurt out what eva i like. When i mix with those who are "small gas", i shall not make fun of them anytime ... and so on.

What i mean here is ... I'm actually a person that really hate arguement or quarel but i do like to make fun with people or insult them for fun or talk something "nonsense" ... But not everyone will have the "style" (gaya style ... muahahah) like tat ... If I'm who i am all the time, I think i will have no friend with me ... N because i hate quarel, i will even be more careful on what i talk n chat to my friends ard me ... careful as in what i should talk and when should i keep quiet. Thus i have to understand my friends well ... i mean really understand ... know what they like, what they dislike, their interests, their STYLE !!!

Mayb, there will be people who think that i'm fake ... as in when i'm with him/her, im not like that but when i'm with soemone else, i will be like that. Like what i said ... the way i treat my friends has to depend on their STYLE but ofcoz ... i treat them sincerely ... I did gossiping about friends sometimes, but WHO DOESN'T GOSSIP BOUT UR FRIEND? I mean ... mayb im not suppose to say gossip but TALK BOUT THEM, THEIR STYLE ... right? Sometimes we do get furstrated or angry on what our friends do to us ... n there we will start "so called as gossip" ... But still, we treat them well on the next time we meet them ... Right??? haha .... *conflict*

Friends ... are forever to me ... I hope my friends ard me will keep me company forever ... especially those frens that i really appreciated and those frens that really appreciated me ...

Until now, i'm still not so understand on what have i typed ... i feel blur ... haha ... but ... em hem ... nothin ... forget bout it ... got to go back to work ...