Saturday, April 02, 2005

Death... Criess... Tears... Let go? Suffer?

Death... It's such a scary word to me. It brings sadness n tears to people... but who wants to die? No one in this world will choose to die except he/she is in pain (physically or mentally).

I'm so sad today. After i came back from outside, my bb told me tat his grandma passed away. Erm... some people mite not believe it as today is APRIL FOOL... but to me... i believe it. Who will actually play with the word "death"???

He cried. I was just beside him but i did not comfort him... not even a word... I have a thousand words in my mind but i couldn't speak out anything except to give him a big hug. I felt myself very useless. I'm not well in express my feeling all these while n it went the same also today - tonight.


I know u are very sad... but we know that dead ppl cannot wake up n stay alive again. I think your ah ma will not want to see her grand children or anyone cry. Think about it, If she still alive, tat means she has to struggle again and suffer in pain... She has been fighting for her life to see all of u during CNY... Maybe to let her go is the best way to let her extricates... although now she has gone but i believe tat she will always be in ur heart. I'm sorry for keeping quiet when u r reli down... but remember tat i will always be there for you when u r sad... n i hope u will be strong at tis moment... Ur grandma will seek for her happiness in another world... Don't worry too much k... Treat her well when she was alive is the most important one... i told u before rite? n i think you did it right??? hmmm... *HUGS*

Good Luck in ur coming exam (MLY) n the coming coming exams...


我不懂。。。 为什么上帝制造人, 却又要毁灭人。。。 为什么要有生死离别?

看着我身边的他在那边哭泣, 而我却一字也说不出口。平常的我, 不是很会安慰人的吗?怎么刚才却。。。我感到自己很无助。我很想帮忙他,和他一起分享这份悲哀,但我却不知该怎么办。除了让他投入我的怀抱,还是只能让他 投入我的怀抱。一手抱着他,一手抓住他的手。。。此时,我的嘴巴像是被针线缝着了。 我不懂,我该说些什么。。。我只想让他好好的大哭一场。希望他哭过以后会舒服些。。。

生老病死,本来就是很平常的事。 虽然如此,我们还是会忍不住的让眼泪流出来,哭的唏呖哗啦的。。。妈妈,是我们身边最亲最亲的人。 当他‘离开’我们时,我们心里就会酸酸的,眼眶就会泛泪,眼泪也会自然而然的流出来。。。死去的人离开我们,并不是我们想要的,也不是他们希望的,但却是 我们必须接受的,这是上帝给人们最残酷的现实。 所以,我们要学会珍惜身边的每一个人,每一时每一刻,打开您的胸膛,用一颗最真诚的心,去对待每一个你想珍惜的人。。不要直到失去了,才后悔当初没好好对 待他。。。不要直到失去了,才学会及领悟到 ── 什么叫作, ★珍惜★

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