Tuesday, March 22, 2005

David Tao's Promo Tour

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took angel to catch david tao's promo tour last weekend saturday. it was a one off once in a blue moon chance and it was worth it!! the waiting.... the getting squished by other fans.... screaming... signing... the most important of all... angel had a good time and had a chance to meet her idol in person during the autograph session. that was the squished and pushed moment... sort of formed a force field around her while pushing and making our way to the side where they were letting those with the cd to go up on stage to get it autographed. my goodness some people especially oversized girls were really pushing and really squeeezing!! the heck out of me and angel. again it was worth it only that i was pulled aside by security when i finally got her to the stage. i didnt have a copy of the cd.. duh! but it was really a sight to see my angel's eyes light up and face glowing. you can tell she was tired but at the same time excited which kept her going. trying to get pictures uploaded to put here from that night. the best thing was that my mandarin has improved a lot. hehe.... all in all we enjoyed ourselves that nite... the music was good... angel was having a good time.... david was awesome... i'm tired.. angel's tired... can't wait for the concert... :)

news from myself... lets see... NOT ENOUGH SLEEP!!! almost hit a kancil and a truck earlier yesterday morning from angel's place to college. this is the first time that i can't cope with the lack of sleep. signs that i am aging and old. hehe.. which reminds me.. have to wake angel up now to get the keys from her dad's car. otherwise i will never be able to go home. hahaha....

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