Thursday, February 10, 2005

how come cny like tat 1???

Today is 2nd day of CNY. SUppose, it is and should be a very happy day for me n for him but... something happened. Before he went back to his hometown, i already hav the sense tat his ex mite go n look for him... u knoe wat... i reli kena lottery 1st prize... my sense has neva been tat chun before in my life n recently my sense has become more n more chun!!!

She reli went n visit his grandama(kononnya grandma... i thikn she aredi knew tat he back for cny)... but mayb she reli went visit his grandma...who knows? I will not mention wat has happened today but it's a sad one n angry one tat caused lots of tears in heart n hates in between a mum n a child.

To Bebe,

I'm sorry for not telling u earlier n sorry tat im not able to be by ur side when things happened. I wish i can give u a big big HUGS rite now... It's 2nd day of cny... i dun 1 u to be sad... im sorry to tel u tat i dun 1 u 2 be fren wif her anymore because seriously i thikn tat the best way to avoid her from contacting u anymore is juz ignore her kao kao(meaning no more REPLY on sms nor mail nor calls)... actually from the start i reli did hope tat all of us can be fren(me u n her)... but tats impossible!!!..... last time i think im the only one who is not possible to be fren wif her... but now.....................i knoe im very selfish... but she's reli a nite mare for me... sorry for being so selfish... but wat i've expected was ALL RIGHT... n she reli is not so simple as wat ppl see... becareful k... i will keep my promise on wat i've promised but please bebe, becareful k... im 100% trust on u... but alwiz remember tat... NOT HER...

reli sad for wat has happened today... i hope there's no more hate n tears inside ur heart rite now n hope u alwiz remember tat... im the one who goin to spend my life wif u... u know them well n u know they mite say something tat mite hurt u...but please alwiz remmeber also tat"WAT PPL SAYS WHEN THEY R ANGRY R NOT COUNTED AS WAT THEY WANT TO TELL U IN HEART"... u r the one who know urself well... but no matter wat happen... i will alwiz support u...alwiz remember tat ok... miss u lots....

happy cny bebe!!!