Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year!

-> Wow its already the year 2005... how fast does time passes by... first of all a happy new year to everyone. nothing special tonite, had dinner at my soon to be brother-in-law's parents house together with a few uncles and aunties. prayers would be heard tonite for the victim's of the tsunami tragedy... while drivin back from miri i was listening to radio 4 labour pains and i can't believe there are silly people out there *ADULTS MIND U* who are so narrow minded and have no clue about what reli happened and why yet they blame the officials for not warning and stuff. one individual even said that there is no such thing tis day of age with all the computers and internet. my goodness they called in to complain and bitch when they could have pledged some money to help out. they think they are so smart to talk yet they didn't even pledge before getting off the air. Never the less u selfish people there is no one to blame as no one knew such thing would suddenly happen. at the end of the day its nature who struck back.

-> prayers tonite and for the rest of the year:
  • to everyone around the world who are still waiting for news of their loved ones and also to the victim's of the tragedy. i pray that they be given strength and the will to start over a new.
  • for my grandparents and the entire family that they too be kept safe and be given strength to carry on.
  • for my angel and her family that they too be kept safe and away from harm.
  • for my special angel to have strength to put up with me come the new year.
  • for all my friends around the world that they be kept safe
-> a new means a year older.. man i can't believe it.. haiz... i wonder what this year holds for angel and i... hopefully things will go smoothly and safely. lol... oh.. i got irene to give angel a hug for me tonite from me since i was not there to wish my angel a happy new year. hehehe.. strange thing was irene was ok wif the request. hahaha.. angel's reaction to it was funny when i heard from her. lol... but my dear that is the best i can do for now and its not always u get a hug from her for me. hehehe... happy new year my dear... we are a step closer to our dreams already... don't give up on me ya! :) i love you so much!

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angel said...

heppi new year!!!!!!!!!!!!hehe...da hug...erm...erm...give up on ya??? erm...will thikn bt it k...