Wednesday, January 05, 2005


erm... dunno y i hav tis feelin tat the world is going to end!!! Do u guys notice that many disasters happened in tis few years? well not tat many but scary things r happening everyday n it bcomes more serious from days to days... will it be end of world??? if it reli happens, what is your last wish??? what do u want 2 do??? who do u want to be wif???

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elmo said...

i dun think its going to end... u know wat i think.. its mother nature kicking ass and saying you guys better stop and work together.. and true enough.. one natural disaster and the world has donated about 14billion dollars worth of funds. amazing. correct me if i am wrong but i think its 14billion. but its scary you know. we always hear about things happening else where then suddenly we're hit by this. its really scarry. morale of all tis... dun take things in life for grantted. i don't rite now.. maybe some things i do.. but no... angel i no take u for granted :) love u so much!