Thursday, December 30, 2004

Prayers for my grandma

-> we received a call from our relatives back in kuching with reli bad news. my grandma is reli ill and diagnose with lung cancer in the advance stages already where no kemo or drugs can help. tonites post will be reli short and i ask those of you reading our blog tonite and the next couple of days to pray for my grandma and our family. pray that god gives everyone strength to carry on through this ordeal. if only my grandma was not stubborn and went to the hospital when my parents went down with all the necessary documents! if only she did maybe it could have been detected earlier and probably something be done for it... why!! why was she stubborn!!! WHY!!! i know death is a part of life but why does it have to be tis way... tonite i sit here typing this with a heavy heart. a heart where i have to be strong in front of my mom and help her through this. i sit here with tears held back and the thought of my mom and her sis crying to sleep tonite. God give me strength... to my friends who smoke i urge u to reconsider what you're doing to yourself. my grandma is suffering from lung cancer this very minute in the hospital back in kuching... reli consider what you're doin to yourself and stop smoking.... think of your loved ones around you should this happens to you. please...

~~ God give me strength ~~

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