Monday, December 27, 2004

missing someone

-> those of u who are reading this page and don't have simplified chinese language pack installed u will either see angel's entry as squares, question marks or garble... this is her way of hidding certain feelings or thoughts that she doesn't know how to talk to me about. she writes it in chinese! if you're wondering why am i complaining... i don't read chinese. thought she could get away then i had this website that translate chinese to english... then surprised her while chatting wif her on msn... hehehe... i can be cheeky some times. those of you having a hard time figuring it out there are a couple of translator websites out there. if you're reali interested in what it means go search on the net for translators. hehehe or get a friend to read it for you. lol... we've been chatting online since 10.30pm (26th Dec) till now... 5.12am. i know the entry says 5.06 cos tats when i started writing this. anyways... a lot has been said tonite... a lot of things that we never really talked about and i am glad that we had this chat tonite. i really miss her and i do wish i can go back to see her now... *HUGS*

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angel said...

i cant bliv it...we've been chattin from 10++ till now...hehehe...time 2 learn chinese!!!we chat lots 2nite n tho we've chatted feer so long hours...i still miss him so much...even more~~~