Sunday, December 26, 2004

haihz??? sorry....

Rite now i'm bit happy..err...nono...not a's very happy. Why? Coz i can see him finally. I mean i can reli sit down here n chat wif him fer long hours wifout any BUSY on his side or my side. I've stated tis tat many times d no matter in blogger or in my diary or "in his diary" or sms but here i goin 2 say tis once again...I've waited fer so long fer him to come on9 n why is it tat everyone can meet him on9 but not me??? hmmm...Tat's y i decided today tat i dun wan 2 miss any chance to meet him online. I "SACRIFICED" my "diet timessss" n wait fer him at home to online. I even sms'ed him but so sad...he was outside. I was thinking "it's okie, i'll wait!!!" 1st 1 hour i was still okie wif hopes tat he will come online now. An hour later my sis was back. N wat..she asked me whther im folo'in her to diet..i was thinkin shud i or not??? n my final answer is--->NO!!! So i juz sit there in front of da pc doin nothin except fer wait wait n wait. Then finally he smsed n asked me 2 wait fer him. I was so excited!!!

Ting! Ting! Ting! He came!!!!!!!!!!!! not more than few puluh minutes, he said his bro goin 2 use da phone. Wat da!!!!!!!!!! U knoe wat came 2 my mind 1st??? ---> No handphone izzit?????????? hahaha....sorry ya my sumone!!! I signed out my MSn immediately wifout any bye bye (like my little angeline gone like tat wifout any bye bye fer big angeline).

Bla Bla Bla.....Wat i wan 2 tel him is....I didnt geram or wat lor...just excited feelin juz ended up wif dissapointment...waitin fer sumone fer so long is not easy esp fer impatient ppl like me.......i wan to apologize here to my sumone coz i knoe he has his own reason to gtg lor...hmmm...n plus plus...tat time my mood oso not too good coz fish fish angeline dead lor...made me even more sad...hmmm...n when i met him on9 juz now he said his flight is on 8th...OMG........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But im alwiz happy when i see him (real person or online or sms).........hehe.......remember tat oh!!!!!!!!!!! 1437


angel said...

it's 4eva-->forever!!!

elmo said...

its strange that we are commenting our own blogs.. hahaha... 1437!